Shadowgun Legends App Reviews

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This game is beyond AMAZING and it is the best first person shooter game ever. The graphics are stunning and it feels very real. 5/5 Stars it’s the best.

Destiny on mobile!

If you love destiny as much as I do, this game is absolutely great, it is a huge game though so make sure you have space to spare

The Mobile Destiny?!

This game is just like destiny!(except shadow gun doesn’t have races or jet packs or big maps for free roam)Everything is great, there’s a hub, missions, pvp and pve and raids!You level up and collect weapons and armor(that’s something destiny doesn’t have that shadow gun does) plus don’t forget coop events!Plus on a scale of one to ten graphics are like a 5 witch is really good for a mobile game

Great, but 2 issues and two recommendations

I was so excited to get this game. It has GREAT GRAPHICS! GREAT STORY LINE! GREAT EEVVEERRYYTTHHIINNGG! However, I am having one small issue. My game randomly crashes at the most random moments. Sometimes when I’m running around in the hub, sometimes during missions. If the developers could fix this it would be greatly appreciated. Speaking of greatly appreciated, thank you for censoring the game a bit more. It makes it much more fun and enjoyable because I can play with younger people and not have to worry about them seeing things they shouldn’t. Although you have taken out the sexual references, I noticed that one of the ai shopkeepers, Pedro, dropped an F bomb. I have once again deleted the app until this is fixed. Also, I just want to give one last comment for anyone who wants to play the game. DO IT. It’s graphics are insane and I love the way that you can really customize your character. The weapon choices are nearly infinite, and there’s always one that fits your style. One last comment to the developers. It needs some more... well, how do I put this? Explosions! Adding grenades would be great, especially different types. (Look to halo for inspiration). Also, it would be cool to get some melee in the game. Whether it just be hitting with the stock of your gun, or equipping knifes, swords, and other melee weapons, this game needs it. Enemies constantly run at you and have swords but you only have guns. GET SOME MELEE!!!!! Thank you for reading! Have a great rest of your day!

Great game, bad for battery.

Game plays great and is fun, but holy crap it KILLS your battery. Be ready to get about an hour of play out of this before your phone hits critical battery levels. Still fun tho.

Sixty people fighting on the battle field.

It’s crazy huge. I was literally blown away. It’s unparalleled. Beautiful graphics. I didn’t know a mobile game can do that. Wow! Go Lineage 2! There is so much in this game. Collect, explore, go on adventures. I can really see people playing this for a very long time. I am stoked for it to come out. It was insane!

Great game but...

All in all great game but needs more missions for people to progress plus it needs a direct chat line so if others wish to play say a dungeon they can drop them a line. I currently am a level 9 and can’t progress any farther.


Since I update the game it has been crashing. Every time I play any mode it crash and send me to my main screen. When I play a video to get stickers or paints the videos doesn’t show, sometimes I can’t enter the Casino or doesn’t let me play in the machines. So until they realest an newer version I guest I won’t be playing. What a disappointment.

Solid game

It’s weirdly awesome that this game is free, usually the levels in games like this feel very repetitive, that’s not the case for this game. Great graphics, great variety, fun! Needed Improvements: - Add a buyback system in the stores (accidentally sold my backpack upgrade... no way to get it back) - Raise the level cap, I’ve hit 20 and am finding fewer reasons to come back and play - Show progress of players working towards casino VIP access (gives motivation) - The variety of mission types is fine, but more would be great (Assassination/wanted list, certain weapon types only, etc.) - Greater weapon variety would be cool (revolvers, futuristic bow? Laser weapons?) - Rotating monthly wargame bosses

This game is awesome!!

At first I thought it would just be some lame impersonation of destiny but this game has so much to offer! One suggestion tho, to have strong box keys cost a little less because it SUPER hard to get that much gold without paying money.


Best iOS FPS & RPG

Best game ever

Never did I think that a game on my phone could beat one on any game station I’ve played but boy was I wrong this game is really fun and addictive I personally think I love it more than any gta,call of duty,saints row or any other game I’ve ever played plz if you have a phone get this game or you’ll regret it

It’s so Good

The game is good so far but I don’t like how I can’t shoot it just does it for me

Fun at first!!

Graphics are insane, gameplay is repetitive, gameplay money is useless at higher levels, and the only way to get gold is to watch ad after ad for several months or pay real money! Missions become monotonous after a while, same one over and over and the multiplayer missions are impossible due to teammates quitting constantly. Game just needs more content for single players and it would be a definite 5 Star!!

6 stars if they had the option

Mc5 gameplay.... BUT BETTER A hub that reminds me a bit of COH overall great game, best fps on the appstore so far. Great work guys

Update is trash

Great game until its recent update,turn this master piece to straight garbage. now it's has a major lagging issue. you can’t even get one shot off now.😫😫 why mess with things that are not broken?


5 stars great graphics there’s always stuff to do there always new guns and armor and the game is still fun after you beat it


Fun, good graphics, moderate blood and guts, occasional slightly salty language. It’s a 5er fersureman!

Age requirement for casino

You guys really need to allow us to have a second try to submit our age because let’s say someone was one year underage but they were mature enough to not use there moms or someone else’s credit card/debit card. Or let’s say that their birthday was the next day which I highly doubt but you get my point. Overall it’s a terrific game but also when are you going to add places like the plastic surgery place?

More weapons!

I love shadow gun the people,the missions,but I think you should add some melee weapons for players who like it up close and personal to make the experience fun and more challenging

Best is little word for This Game!!!!

Yes, it’s Wonderful no its Most Mostest no Mostestes 😂Wonderfullest 😂Game in tje world... Trust me im a gamer and i never ever cant forget this game

Awsome FPS game !

Great game and really addictive!

Game doesnt load after last update

Stuck in loading page

“Freemium Game” great idea pour execution

Issues with game play: • In PVP and missions you’re unable to reload sometimes even with plenty of ammo leaving you to get killed. Your speed will be so slow you can’t get around without dying. Missions for Nitro can’t be completed even if you do what the mission calls for. • Power ups can’t be used even if you have them randomly. Playing via controller and hit the button 10 times nothing happens and you die. • Only 2 Spawn points in Duel. Pretty obvious where the person will respawn making it way too easy to lose or win depending who’s in the lead. • When Queued for a game randomly you’ll be 0/2, 0/3, or 0/8. I’ve noticed you can’t join a game no matter what when it does this. Pretty disappointing for all the issues this game has. You start off with these loot boxes that require keys open. You can only open these said loot boxes by purchasing the keys with real money. You’re required to carry the loot boxes(cannot sell or drop) which take up 2 spots of your 16 spaces of inventory. The only way to increase your inventory space is to spend real money. You have a backpack to pick up items during game play but again you’re limited to only 6 items in your back again unless you purchase will real money to expand your backpack. Armor and weapon prices are insanely high cost up to $350,000(game credits) but your max amount of money you can have is $750,000. If you resell said weapon or armor you get around $10,000(game credits) back so you’re only getting 3% credits back after selling. Realistically the only thing you can purchase with in game credits are insanely overpriced armor and weapons or food and drinks which don’t give you any advantage. So in summary, you have to use real money to accomplish anything in the game, story line is pretty short and goes quick, another world is visible but you can’t go there because it’s “undiscovered”(means they haven’t wrote a story for it yet).

Great Game

This is a great game and I love playing it but I noticed that there is always an error after playing Ascendancy where I don’t receive the trophies that I collected. If this is corrected then I would definitely give this game five stars.

Good game but:

It’s a good game with great graphics and descent action. However it’s a bit too casual. Maybe make it a bit more fast paced. Maybe add a jump button idk.

Great game!

Wow I’m really impressed with the quality of this mobile game. There’s a ton of content and it really does feel like a console shooter especially with a mifi controller. Great job madfinger!


Almost impossible to get into a match.... Be prepared to wait around.

good game

great game but wish the max level was higher than 20

Warning: Fun and addicting game!

This game is one of the coolest mobile games I’ve ever played. Best FPS on mobile in my opinion. Also not a pay-to-win which is rare these days. Of course they encourage you to spend a little money because your first purchase (minimum of $4.99) will give you tons of inventory and backpack space. The free 16 inventory and 6 backpack slots they give you are fine at first, but in end-game content will have you needing to sell after most missions or arena games. Of course you can enjoy the full game without spending a dime, but Mad-finger games did such an amazing job with this one, I would encourage you to drop the $4.99 into this game to support them. This game would occasionally crash for me, but I put most of the blame on my potato of a phone. They also update frequently to fix any issues, and customer service has been quite helpful with any of my issues, usually taking no more than half a day to respond. All in all, I just have to say bravo. You guys killed it with this game and I can’t wait to see what comes in the future

Fun but buggy

I get errors when joining squads to a wargame that one of my squadmates doesnt have enough experience, which is not true. Ever. Please fix. Great game otherwise


Awesome game 😩😩🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽!!!! .... I just wana know y even though some one is online it says they r offline and it would be even more awesome if we could choose who to do the co-op missions

Ready Player One mixed with HALO

This really is an awesome game! Incredibly creative and genius. I’m only rank 3 and am excited to see what’s next.


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Auto shooting

It’s a really great game but wen u start the game u shouldn’t have auto shoot on because then all u have to do is walk around and win


I play this on an older phone so I have to lower the graphics level but the graphics are still amazing and there is so much content in this. The only complaint I have is that it is pay to win. I need to pay for more inventory slots and I need to pay to open my loot boxes. Overall it is a great game.


Waaaaaay to many bugs

Getting dull

The latest update was supposed to fix fame issues in war games among other fixes with overpowered guns ect. Well it didnt fix anything with the fame issues, ya still complete the mission and ya still cant claim the fame. And now the game crashes often. Gonna wait it out a bit to see if they get worked out. But im not a very patient person for long periods of time.


It’s pretty good so far but the kills your battery fast af


Best mobile game of the year great graphics and Armour is asome

My favorite FPS thus far 💯

I didn’t think the game was this good, but it is! I love the whole concept and story, the Hub is great, the game design and the gameplay. Once you finish the story there’s even more game modes and continuous play. I’m definitely excited for more updates to this game, recommended to friends. I keep hearing people wanting the casino to have more games, that’s asking a lot already from the developers haha. But great job. They know what they’re doing and they did great with this game.



Oh my gosh this is like the best game of all phone games

It reminds me a halo mix with destiny definitely a good game I definitely recommend getting this game soon you could be legend I recommend getting this app as I said before really fun


I’m not an FPS guy, especially not on mobile- but this game is freaking awesome. Keep up the good work

Piz soon new update

This new battle royal no copy games

Ali games

Downloaded not continue

Age Restrictions for the casino?

I really love this game but why put restrictions on the casino? I’ve been in the casino before and its nothing but slot machines? Why is it age restricted!!!?

Love it, but can’t rank up.

Why can’t I rank up past 20? I need more points to get certain abilities. Fix that and I’ll give this game five stars for sure! Thanks.

Wow love this game

I love halo I played it with my kids but now it’s just me and I love it thank you guys great job

My favorite game

You know I really like this game because because of all the killing it shows me what to do when I get bullied minus the guns

  • send link to app