Shadowgun Legends App Reviews

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It’s actually really good

At first I was just looking through the AppStore looking for a FPS game I could play cuz fortnite and pubg are really boring now, but this game I jut can’t stop playing!

Horribly Optimized

The irony of the game being an FPS. You can’t use 60 FPS mode on iPhone X unless you reduce graphics quality to LOW. This is seriously ridiculous. My only suggestion would be to add a resolution slider, to give players an option to reduce sharpness of the image in exchange for more effects and 60 FPS.


I love this game!! Aliens taking over the world’s awesome lol But I wish we can continue with the main story in the game!!

Destiny much...

Idk about game of the year here but it’s pretty dang fun for a mobile. It plays well and is very much maintained by the devs. Keep it coming! Hazzaa!

A very good game, worth your time.

Though one thing I will say is this, can we disband groups/clans/guilds when they feel lifeless or you don’t want to be the leader of one anymore? Just wondering since you can make guilds, it should be possible to unmake them.


I love it is like destiny on the phone

Good graphic but too many bugs

Too many bugs keeps going too long.


I play this game on a new iPhone 8 and I use 2 battery health apps and they have sent me notifications saying my permanent battery life was dropping both times it said this to me was while I was playing this game on my phone. Game is great it just destroys your battery very fast even on low settings.


Game gets boring after you reach level 20. You replay the same missions over and over. And the online mode throws you out of the game so often it’s almost unplayable.

Setting an Apple TV Standard

Finally! This is what the Apple TV has needed.



Awesome, should expand on to other systems!

This game is awesome, and THE best controls on an FPS so far that I have seen, plus, good gameplay, and really good graphics. Fortnite mobile version should learn from these controls, the controls are smooth and easy to understand, I really do recommend this game!!! 😘


Needs to be a way to empty slots to get rid of weapons you no longer want


Funny and imagine

Watch for the force close.

First off, this is an amazing game with fantastic features and is truly free to play. The only complaints I have are the lack of communication between players in raids, they really need to have some sort of audio feature added in. The other complaint is also about the raids, if the game force closes you can simply reopen it and it’ll return you to your raid, however if you’re in a boss battle the boss won’t respawn so you’re just stuck.

It’s really cool game

I like the graphics and gameplay is awesome

Really good

The only thing is I would like to shoot with a button not automatically every thing els good

So Good!

This is one of the best mobile games Ive ever played. I expected it to just be another shallow mobile rpg, but I was pleasantly surprised. The dungeons are some bits of gameplay I’ve played this month.

What’s the difference

What’s the difference between the paid version of shadowgun and the free version

I WOULD HAVE kept playing but...

As soon as I got to the legend rank I hit the paywall HARD! There was literally no way for me to get stronger unless I paid cash...

Best Social Mobile Shooter so far

Everything from the game mechanics the graphics and level up system is spot on, this game deserves an award. I always wanted to play on multiplayer shooter like dead trigger, this is perfect.

Best FPS I have ever experienced <3

Best FPS game out their on mobile tbh.I love everything about it and have no complaints for now.I have fallen for this game even if I’m only rank 10!Even if you do a campaign mission their are still other missions to do which will keep the excitement going.Also their is no energy so you can play as long as you like.Developers this is possibly the best game I have ever played.This game deserves every star I can give


All I can say is wow why can’t they do anything his on x box or ps

Pc gaming in my hand:)!!!

I play a lot of FPS. This is by for the best player controls for any hand held game ever. This point is huge!!! It makes gameplay amazing. It does what I want. Most handheld games have don’t get this. The story is great and it looks amazing too:) Thanks for the great game!!

I love this game

This game is the best phone game by far I’ve ever played but it’s one big issue that made me remove it from my phone it was damaging my phone battery 4 to 5 minutes into playing this game my phone would get so hot I can barely hold it. my iPhone battery health was on 98 now it’s on 96 out of a 100 in health and that’s from 6 days of playing I hope they’res some way you can make an update that’s won’t put such a strain on the phones and batteries and I’m currently using an iPhone 8 Plus so it’s not an old phone

Console quality game on your mobile device!

Honestly I don’t usually write reviews of games on the app market, but I was just so pleased and impressed by the amazing quality of this game that I felt compelled to do so. Shadowgun Legends is the best first person shooter on mobile. With its wide verity of quests, maps, game modes, weapons, and armor it gives you an amazing experience that lasts! Though the game does seems to take a lot from destiny, it puts its own charm on things that helps it disconnect from destinys bad story telling. This is a game that doesn’t take its self to seriously and wants you to know that. Weather it’s with it’s funny banter with NPCs, spray painting a middle finger for enemies to find, drinking and gambling at a casino, or flexing to show off your gear, shadowgun does a great job mixing story with hilarity in a way that sets it apart from other mobile games! I would like to think if destiny and borderlands had a baby and it was a mobile game, this would be it! This is now my new standard of mobile games and I have to give a thank you to the creators for sharing this with us!!

Really fun game

I only give it 3 stars because it doesn't have enough players. You can end up waiting so long for a PvP match or a dungeon that you just give up. It's really unfortunate because I would really love to be able to enjoy those parts of the game. I'm really excited about the new additions of tattoos and plastic surgery, but I'm really hoping those things don't cost coins because they are hard to come by without purchasing them and I'd prefer if there are ways to customize them without purchasing. Also, I hope they adjust armor fits for female characters as they currently fit the same and every character in armor looks male. Even the face choices for a female character are terribly manly and very ugly.


Fun game, but I enjoy multiplayer over anything and it takes way too long to que any type of multiplayer match for me.

Constantly Crashing!!!

Can’t even play anymore

Good but I can’t get into action anymore

I started Thursday got some good stuff and I don’t know what happened but I can’t fight anymore. I only played for three days and I can’t fight amymore


This is okay I guess, I just don't like the Pay-2-win system in this change, please change that

You go to jail if you get drunk

It’s funny when I get drunk... anyways it’s a really fun game and I love it sooo much

Full of bugs

This game started off great and I loved it. But all of a sudden I’m getting kicked off the network and losing my progress and the rewards I earned. It’s happened three times already in the past 24 hrs. Why am I wasting time playing only to get kicked off and lose progress? Until there’s a new update, I would not recommend playing this mess of a game. Even their other game Dead Trigger 2 is full of bugs and I had to quit playing. Don’t play this game.

Great, but...

It’s an awesome game until you have 5 of your inventory slots filled with locked strongboxes. There’s no point of playing for free if these are just hogging up your inventory, so you can’t get many new guns and/or armor. Also, whenever entering any buildings, the game starts lagging really badly. Please fix this in the next update?! Thanks for your consideration!


The game glitch and I dint get my reward when I reach 75,000 xp can you guys fix that please

I DARE YOU TO........

I dare you too add 1000 FPS

Entertaining but not challenging

The game runs smooth. So smooth. The controls are great. The aesthetics are great. The vibe is great. But I feel it was catered to people who are not familiar with shooters? Or the enemy AI is not up to par. I rarely get shot at all. The enemies miss all their shots, the enemies are slow, and they feel like fodder. They just eat the bullets. I’d like the game to present more of a challenge. Even the boss battles are a breeze. Nothing requires me to take cover. I can just strafe through all the incoming fire. That disappoints me.


When I first played the game I liked it a lot to be honest it’s fun but. There’s a catch to every mobile game including this one. It takes actual cash to get the nice gear which you don’t have to buy to play the game. The missions get old very fast you just shoot through the missions nothing much to it and get new gear after every mission. The PVP I liked but got old very fast. This game is like destiny but on mobile.


It is awsome!

Good game

Good pvp battles,and very great graphic

Bad connection errors

I have really good internet but whenever I play this game I can’t go through more than 2 minutes without it disconnecting


Over all a GREAT GAME But there’s a problem when I open the game then it loads it Crashes then I trued it again IT DID THE SAME THING this is a great game also I LOVE FPS. BUT THATS THE PROBLEM CAN YOU GUYS TELL ME WHATS GOING ON?!?!?

Fantastic until end game

This is a phenomenal game until you reach max level. At that point there are only a co op wave clear match, an extremely bugged dungeon (been that way for a long time), and some pvp. The regular quest do not give worthwhile loot and repeat over and over. If you are a solo player, then end game will have nothing new for you. If you love co op, prepare for a glitched experience. It feels like devs have abandoned this game for their next title which is a shame since legends was extremely fun. Hopefully they come back, fixes the long standing bugs, and inject a few more levels. There is still a whole planet they have locked and “coming soon” zones in the hub that has seen nothing. Could have been an amazing game but at this point it is just ok.

Great game but there’s room for improvement!

I love this game so much and I’ve been playing it nonstop since I downloaded! A couple of ideas... 1. If it’s possible, add some more levels. Level 20 is really easy to reach and it’d be fun to be able to level up higher especially with how many people who are playing this game too. 2. Add a system for leveling up gear. I love some of my gear especially my epic level sniper rifle but it’s level is getting low compared to the uncommon level machine gun I just got. So pls pls add system where we can use other guns/armor to level up what we have now! Thanks and keep up the good work!


Buen juego movimiento 360, gráficos excelente

Seems awesome but impossible to play

The game seems so fun bu the battery drain is INSANE, 10% and inly in the lobby for 1 minute is ridiculous. Wish it wasnt insane cause i would love to play it

This game is so cool but a few issues

This game is the best game I ever downloaded in my life it is awesome but mine keeps buffering when I am in the middle of a mission it starts to buffer and when it restarts I have to do it all over again if you could change that that would be great thanks😇

Yo didn’t get my back pack in game but Great game

If you enjoy stream lined shooters, this is the game to play. It’s fun, progressive, and lot of customization features. But guys, can I get my back pack reward for getting to level 12

What should be done

Want let me load into the game on the second loading screen when I try and need to fix bugs

Broken game

This game is unplayable. I don’t mean because it’s bad, because when it actually works it’s not. The game constantly crashes and starts you back at the last checkpoint for no reason. The controls will sometimes just not function. Enemies will keep shooting you after their life bars are drained and won’t die no matter how much you shoot them. On top of that, it makes my phone hot enough to cook eggs on within seconds and devours battery life at a frankly insane rate. It’s a shame, since the graphics are great and the gameplay is fun when everything works properly, but I can’t recommend this game.

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